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I don’t care if you drink, smoke, claim straight edge, have lots of sex, have no sex, believe in god, believe in aliens, believe in nothing, eat meat, eat no meat, are vegan, or even like anything I like. Just be cool with me, and I’ll be cool with you.

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Are you on Facebook?

deleted it.

I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

text me or skype or kik or steam or league or starcraft

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It’s been a good week.

Monday - complimented for my jaw line. and later complimented for my chest and upper body by a yolked black guy at the gym. lol + 94 on my Math Midterm

Tuesday - Found that it is really fun to squat barefoot.

Wednesday - Went up by 10lbs in deadlift. Reppin’ 245 bitch! + 90 on my Pysch midterm + Skipped the rest of my classes cause had to take cass home. lol

Thursday - i dont know. but still was a good day.

Friday - Path of Exile is an awesome game. You should all play it.

Saturday - Got complimented on my squat form :’) + Path of Exile